In the World of " I Am & You Are"

I am pretty

I am ugly

I am smart

I am stupid

I am worthless

I am successful

Admit it.. You have started a sentence using one of these worlds in your life. Actually let's break it down and say that you probably used one of these words within the last couple minutes. You may have remembered a text you sent or an argument you had and immediately started with the " I AM".

We live in a world where everyone has an opinion.  Sadly, our lives have become consumed with the idea of I AM.  Everyday we wake up speaking negatively about ourselves and wonder why we are in a bad mood by the time we get to work.  I'll admit that last week was a tough week for me and I spent most of the week trying to talk myself out of so many things. I made it to Friday, came home feeling like I ran a marathon and by Saturday... I am sitting at the island of my parent's house crying my eyes out to my mother about how worthless I felt. 

Many don't understand what your daily struggles are.  I struggle with not feeling like I've achieved what I've wanted by 30. While other are married with children, I spent seven years in a relationship that almost destroyed me.  Almost three years since the end of that relationship and I am still putting out fires.  I work a full time job that I love BUT I am not fully in love with.  It's difficult to live a life you may feel you are not living to the fullest. 

Now think of this, you wake up thinking " I hate this job, I have no choice. I don't want to go but I have bills to pay. I am just here. I am just ..." 

I'm not telling you it's easy but think about it... how many people are talking about you. How many individuals are labeling you to be something you are not.  " You are not right for this job, You are not the right person I want to date,  You are not good enough, You are not pretty enough, You are dumb, You are ... You are.. You are".  This is a lifestyle change truthfully. You can only listen to yourself speak negatively for so long. After that is said and done, what has that accomplished? Nothing right?

It's your job to speak positivity into your own lives. 

I am a fighter

I am strong

I am confident

I am built for this

I got this


We live in a world that will ALWAYS try to tell you who and what you are. It's your JOB to live the best life you can and forget the rest. We have ONE life to live.  We can not stop people from labeling us but we can control how their words affect us. As Pastor Steven wrote in this book " Unqualified"  : - Keep Walking, Do another lap. You are growing. You're not perfect yet, but you're in a process, and that's what matters most. 

I felt this post was important to share.  I challenge all of you to do something for yourself this week. Be realistic with your expectations. Okay, you spent the last ten years loving someone who broke your heart... now you know what NOT to accept when it comes to love.  Okay, you spent the last 17 years at a job that you didn't love.. okay well now you can write that book you have been wanting to write. We all have to start somewhere. START NOW. 

Focus on your own goals and your own " I AM"

Don't let those " You are" statements stop you from dreaming. 

I promise you.... YOU GOT THIS! 


Live Boldly