This blog post came to be after today’s church service when Pastor Levi Lusko was preaching about swiping right. This world is so keen on swiping left or right on a dating app versus sitting down and meeting people the old fashion way. I tried it and I can tell you I found nothing interesting about it. I met some guys who initially were fun to talk to then I got annoyed. Honestly, I get annoyed that they couldn’t carry a conversation. I really hit my breaking point, when I told them that I commuted from Philadelphia to NYC every day for work . One guy immediately labeled me UNDATEABLE. He really did type that in caps because I was hard of reading apparently. This got me thinking how easy people dismiss you when they don’t agree with your choices  including friends and family. 


When I was 16, I began dabbling in photography.  My parents bought me a fujifilm camera that to me was the best thing ever. I took pictures of everything and at the same time was into make up. My mother allowedy first two MAC lipsticks and I was on a roll. Around that time, I also got into graphic designing and ROCK music. This led me to fall in love with the band FUEL led by Brett Scallions. My Mother will confirm that I played Hemorrhage over and over and that song ended up being the first song I learned to play on my guitar. After Brett left FUEL, he joined a band called The X’s with John , Mike and Cupcake ( Chris G). These guys especially John gave me the chance to play around with my graphic designing. My graphic designs ended up being used by the band on t-shirt, posters and even on their website.  This was almost 11-13 years ago.    I spent a lot of nights awake until 7am  the next morning, practicing with my camera and editing. This is how you learn... going out spending money on an expensive camera is pointless. Asking someone to teach you and get upset when they don’t have the time to? It’s nothing personal. It seems that everyone wants to be number one by skipping steps. 

Let’s fast forward to 2017, where I have stepped up my photography, taken on blogging and invested in my editing tools.  Now I’ve encountered critics in all aspects. The world of photography and blogging is over saturated. Everyone wants to be a blogger and everyone wants to call themselves a photographer. You have to really keep in mind about several things:

-Not everyone will understand your visions

 - You don’t have to pay someone to teach you your craft

- Patience is learned  

- Being fake and perfect isn’t real


- It’s not all about the likes  


Ultimately, you have to DO YOU. You will have people who you call friends all of sudden buy a camera and think they are a photographer. You will have people in your life not want to work with you but others. People will dismiss your work because it’s not part of their style. These are the same people who you have spent encouraging to follow their dreams but end up borrowing yours.  In the world we live in these days, not everyone hitting the like button is cheering you are. These are same people who are ultimately glued to your instagram trying to see what you are working on. This week I saw it all from people I called friends. People who not once supported my ideas or skills but went ahead and thought it was okay to borrow an idea we spoke about four/five years ago... simply because “ I don’t see you doing anything with it” 


DO YOU BOO. You need to focus on your own grind and no one elses. Instagram makes everyone feel like they have to compete when you don’t. Not everyone has the same story.  I know my story is not similar to another bloggers but it doesn’t take away that we both have two different purposes for our platforms.   Perfect whatever craft you have and live it as you are already a success. I realized a lot this week that not everyone wants to see you succeed and not everyone wants the best for you. People are very self absorbed and narcissistic and only care about being number one.  

I am not saying no one will support you but out of everyone I know. I can honestly say that I can only count those people on one hand who consistently supported and encouraged my journey. Those moments where I felt I wasn’t good enough, They are always yelling at me via text message to not give up. These are the “Junes” of the world, so surround yourself with those people and settle for nothing less.  


Live Boldly! 



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