10 Things About Myself

Do I know you?

I'm relaunching my blog and I'm incredibly excited about it. The last couple months have been a rollercoaster and I will admit that I neglected my blog.  So in the spirit of connecting with those of you who read my blog, I wanted to share 10 things about myself.. 

Let's begin.

1. I was born in Puerto Rico

Most people would actually assume I was born in the US. I was born in Ponce, Puerto and Spanish was my first language. I came to live in Philadelphia when I was two years old and the rest was history. 

2. I speak two languages

Being that Spanish was my first language, I learned English early in life. I don't have an accent but I can speak it fluent Spanish. It has been a lifesaver for myself and fellow co-workers. I've been dragged into the room for translation plenty of times. Let me say this... the stories that I've had to translate have been a trip. No one would honestly believe me but I'll digress.

3.  I get bored easily

As a true Sagittarius, I get bored very easily.  I have to constantly be doing something and can be very one track minded. I'm working on this but I'm still a work in progress. 

4. I'm a Photographer

I love photography and I'd like to commit to my photography full time at some point. 

5. I work in New York City

When the opportunity to work in NYC came around, I did NOT hesitate to take it. It has always been a dream of mine to work in NY and I've accomplished that. I love the work that I do that I commute from Philadelphia to NYC every day. My commute is about two hours but I've been doing it for a year now and I've grown to love it. A lot of great things have come out of commuting and I'll never say I hate it.  Would I love to live in NYC? Absolutely, once that opportunity arrives, I will. 

6. I love Jesus

I do. I make no excuse about it. He has brought me through a storm of depression and led me to the most amazing group of people I have ever met. I am not saying I am perfect. I am compassionate but I still have problems cursing... yes I curse.. I'm still a work in progress and he knows that. 

7. I actively volunteer with Elevation Church

I came across a video from Pastor Steven Furtick back in July 2016 while I was going through a serious depression. Eight months earlier, I had ended a draining 8 year relationship that left me broken emotionally, physically and mentally.  I began to follow Pastor Steven on Instagram which led me to his live streaming worship experiences. After watching for about a month, I reached out and decided to volunteer.  I serve as an online chat room host for the Elevation Church youtube channel on Sundays.  I have also been blessed to lead an e-Group of amazing women who mean the world to me. 

8. I love MUSIC

I simple can't live without music. While I type this blog post, I'm listening to the 80's rock playlist on Spotify.  I live for 80's rock especially bands such as Journey, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Aerosmith, Poison, Warrant etc. I am also a fan of country music..( I can hear the laughs now). My music ranges as I can listen to Reggaeton and Salsa and jump right into a guitar solo listening to Journey. Trust me, It has happened. I am also a fan of The Weeknd and Bruno Mars.

9. I love to Paint

After my grandfather passed away in 2010, I lost my creative outlets. My grandfather was the artist in the family, so sitting with him and watching him draw boats was something i loved doing. After his passing, I slowly began to find things to keep my mind from missing him.. painting helped. I have two paintings in my living room that I painted and I have to say I'm pretty proud of. 

10. I live for Fashion and Makeup

... some would call this a shopping addiction. (GUILTY) I live for a bright bag to match my lipstick. I take a considerable amount of time in getting ready in the morning. I love makeup and being able to play with colors. I love to wear black because I am more of a BOLD BAG AND MAKEUP kind of gal. If you want to gift me clothes... make sure it's BLACK. I'll accept floral print too.. see I can compromise. :) 


I hope this new blog post helps you understand the girl behind the blog.