Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue and Unstoppable Kohl Liner in Onyx

I had a great time trying out these products. I'm part of the Influenster community and was sent these products for free to test and review. 


Since the weather began to change, I decided to change up my make up routine and incorporate these products. I have been a fan of the ELF pen liner for the past year, so I was a bit worried about trying something new but there were some good and bad things about these products. 

First, the Maybelline kohl liner was easy to use and apply for the first time.  I commute two hours from PA to NYC so I try to use a makeup sealer to keep my makeup from smearing with the heat. This kohl liner did not make the trip with out ending up looking like a raccoon. I had to wipe it off and re-apply twice (on the train and again when I got to work).  Personally for me this was a fail as with my oily skin it does not stay on for a long period of time. 


Second, the mascara was a lot of fun. Being that it was royal blue I LOVED IT because of the color alone. I love being bold with my makeup and this mascara was fun to use. The royal blue color was not as visible on me as I wanted but If you looked up close you could see the color. This mascara lasted an entire eight hour shift and four hours of commuting.  Some days I would go without eyeshadow and used extra mascara for a pop of color.  The color wore well with my brown eyes and I would encourage you guys to try it out! 


Thank you to Maybelline and Influenster for letting me review these products!