It's Time to Turn The Page..


If you follow me on Instagram, you can see that this week I've been busy. I took some days off from work and felt the need to work my photography and I am incredibly happy I did.  So often you see others perfecting their craft and you try to talk yourself out of it because you don't have the time. I'll admit that I am the queen of overthinking and excuses. I use the excuse of working and commuting to tell myself that I can't but after this week, I've come to realize that I just can't stop now.  You realize what's important and what isn't while also learning to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think about yourself. 

I've realized how far I've come and I remember when I thought things were such a mess and that I wasn't going to make it through.  Now I sit here proud of myself and the person I'm fighting to be.  

Now I understand that a lot of you are looking at this post going " that sounds easier than it can be done". I've been that person and trust me you don't want to waste any time worrying about things you didn't have control over. Sometimes you have to accept the truth and stop wasting time on the wrong things. It has been two years since my last relationship and if you knew me personally, you would know that was a very toxic time in my life.  Let's fast forward to now and I still struggle with all the negative things that impacted me after that relationship and everything I still have to deal with. I've spent so much time focusing on WHAT HAPPENED instead of being focused on WHAT IS HAPPENING in my life. This week I've looked back at where I was two years ago and then I looked at how much I've changed and realized that everything was a blur.  I can't stand the fact that my life is going so fast and I'm not really living it. I completely stop working on my photography because I kept telling myself I would be able to pick up the camera and envision anything creative. I am incredibly proud of the photos I've taken this week and with more practice , I will do better. 

It's time TURN THE PAGE... what happened in the past happened and there is nothing we can do to change it.  Some of us are still stuck on that chapter in our life that left us stuck. That chapter isn't meant to define your future, so turn the page. Turn the page to a brand new chapter in your life and go from there.  It's taken me two years to realize that life just dealt me a tough hand and it's my decision to focus on the vision in my mind . I don't want to focus on reliving that should, coulda, woulda.  I want to LIVE BOLDY and never regret any decisions I make from this moment on. 

Start that book you wanted to write. Start that business that you've been planning for years. Start drawing. Start painting. START SOMETHING.  Don't ever think you are not capable of achieving anything because you can. Social Media only gives you a slight idea into people's lives and we will never understand the struggles anyone had to go through before they achieved success.  Everybody wants to be a diamond but very few are willing to get cut. 

If you haven't picked up "Words From A Wanderer" notes and love poems by Alexandra Elle , then I recommend you should. This note perfectly summaries what I wanted you all to take away from this post. 

"Dear Self, 

You have been doubted, hated, talked about , made fun of, hurt, lied to, lied on, broken and at your wits end. With that being said, I commend you for the fact that you are still standing. Your courage speaks volumes! I know your struggle and the pain yo've endured. You are more than a conqueror. I am proud to say that your heart belongs to me. Nothing can keep you down and no one can steal your joy. All of your storms have ended blessing the sky with rainbows. Don't give up, continue to stand tall and love yourself first.

You are appreciated, 


LIVE BOLDLY, you won't regret it



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