An open letter to my future photographer self...


Take time to do what make your soul happy.

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. 

Dear Future Self, 

Right now I hope you are reading this on the window sill of your NYC loft. You know the one that has an open space with that one wall full of colors and photographs you've taken through the years. Ah well, I'd love for you to know that the journey was a rough one. A road that was filled of wondering whether or not you were good enough to exist in a world that was already saturated with so many photographers. As I always said, you were born to this... you have a keen eye for detail and your dedication to get a shot come rain or shine... speaks of how much passion you have for this. 

Here are some goals I hope you have accomplished:

- Moved to NY ( this has been on your heart since you were 17...)

- Mastered the art of composites. 

- Dared to be DIFFERENT 

- Entered ONE gallery event

- Held a photography class where you shared the ins and outs of what you learned through the years.

- Found the passion you have always wanted.

- Finally feel that you made the right choice... ( this speaks to everything in your life)

So my dear future self, those sleepless nights, that worry you had, that struggle of managing work and your photography were all worth it for this exact moment.  Remember that it all begins in your mind. What you give power to... had power over you... if you allow it. 

Adi, continue to live boldly. Continue to love Jesus and be the best version of you can be.  The storms were raging in the beginning but you overcame them. You are one step closer to becoming that happier version of you.

Remember this quote by Alexandra Elle:

Dear Self, 

There is blessing in every breathe you take. Even when it's hard to breathe you have yet to suffocate. I commend you for your endurance even when the air thick.... keep breathing, keep love and keeping going.