Hitting Reset

On December 31, every year we make promises to ourselves of things we want to accomplish the next year. Whether it’s losing weight or a lifestyle change, we always create a huge list of things we NEED to change. January 19th comes along and we are making great progress, we’ve managed to keep up with our new year’s resolutions. February 3rd comes along and we either have stopped completely or are barely remembering what we promised ourselves to do.

How about I tell you it’s okay to hit the reset button anytime you want?

 Recently, I went off the grid for almost two weeks. This meant no Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I can tell you it made all the difference for my creativity. I understand these platforms are important for your brand but some people forget that they can close out the apps for a couple days to gather yourself.  I became victim to the comparison game that is so privy to happen on these platforms.  I have been photographing since I was 16 and remember spending HOURS learning Paint Shop Pro. Now everyone on Instagram is either a blogger or photographer criticizing your aesthetic. I had a photographer who I had known for years on social media send me a DM on Instagram telling me they would help me edit my photos. I edit my photos to a moody aesthetic and according to this photographer; no one was going to book me because of this.  It’s crazy that one simple direct message on Instagram can throw your confidence off balance.  Knowing myself the self-doubt didn’t stop there, I began to wonder why friends were not supporting my craft.  Many people in my life knew that I loved photography since my teens; I began to think was my aesthetic really that bad?

Then I stepped away from social media and came to this realization. ..

Hitting reset isn’t only for those New Year’s resolution. You can hit reset on anything in life. I’ve gone through some rough storms the last couple months and I got to see who was really there for during that time. I also came to the realization that some people will support you just in case you make it. This world is taking a turn into an era of benefit. Most people who you consider friends are only around because of what you can offer to them.

-          The friend that wakes up at 3am to pick them up from a bad date, but this friend does not answer your call at 3am when you can’t sleep because of some rough storms.

-          The friend that calls you when they are in a bind but never answers your calls or text messages when you need quick advice or resources

-          The friend that calls for favors but you know you can’t count of that person to reciprocate.

-          The friend that is fully aware that you are good at your craft but always wants a discount but yet is never satisfied

-          The friend that you would never introduce to your new boyfriend or girlfriend

-          The friend you will not do business with (EVER)

-          The friend that is always asking for help but never in a position to offer help

-          The friend that is always looking for a handout but is on social media taking trips every other week.

This list can get even longer but my point is that you don’t have to wait until the following year to go back to factory reset. Recently, I got a new laptop and ran into some issues and my sister factory reset the entire thing. I lost the little bit of work I had created but it gave me a chance to go back to the drawing board and create a different vision. The end result was better than the original and this correlates with life as well. You may need to step away from those types of friends listed above because they are not a benefit to your wellbeing. As Pastor Kim always says, you may not be ready to cut ties but move them to the balcony. Sometimes those around you are the ones stopping you from reaching your greatness.  We all want to think best of those we choose to have close to us but when you stop replying or but people on Do Not Disturb, you will realize their true colors.

For the time being, I will be on Do Not Disturb until I want to interact again.  This is a personal choice for me and at the end of the day; I want peace in my own life.  This is not up for argument. Most of us have been living in a life of drama and it’s never our own. Take a minute, hour, day, week or month and step away for a bit, I promise you it will make a difference.

Live Boldly,