Relax, Refresh, Recharge

For 2018, I promised myself that I was going to make some down time mandatory. Considering that Monday through Friday isn't ideal and Saturdays are my errand days..... Sunday won by a landslide. 

In this blog post, I'm going to share my current favorite things to do on Sundays to decompress and get ready for a hectic work week. 

1. Serving with Elevation Church

Believe it or not, I've been an online volunteer with Elevation Church for almost two years now. Right now I'm the Team Leader for the Elevation Worship channel that broadcasts Pastor Steven's sermons at the following times: 9:30a/11:30a/1:30p/5p/8p/10p. 

I've had the opportunity to connect with online viewers tuning in around the world and I've made connections with so many amazing people. God is using me in ways I may not understand right now but this opportunity is one I'm proud to be apart of. 

2. Reading 

With a two hour commute, I've indulged in buying books from Amazon. (Amazon Prime is a God Send). Right now, I am reading "Own The Moment" by Carl Lentz which is unbelievable! In this book, Pastor Carl illuminates readings of the bible passages and offers pracitical tips on how to live as a person of faith in an increasingly materialistic world. 

"How do you maintain your values—and pass them onto your children—in a society that worships money and sex and fame? How do you embrace your flaws in this Instagram era that exalts the appearance of perfection? How do you forget about “living the dream” and learn to embrace the beauty of your reality?"

The second book I am currently loving is a poetry book by Samantha Holmes King called "Born to Love, Cursed to Feel". In this poetry book, the author talks about love, the good , the bad and the confusion. It talks about how emotions are involved, love is never black or white.  She really pulls you in and points out how a woman feels about falling in love, making a bad decision and learning to overcome the pain. As someone who struggled getting over an abuse eight year relationship, I really connected to this book. 

3. Dance Party

Oh... don't act like you haven't create the perfect playlist and switched your volume to 15 and danced it out. I have to admit that my job honestly requires a lot of my energy and attention during the day. I love being able to turn on a great playlist and just dance. Yes, It's a silly method but it works... I promise.  



Sidenote: The Weeknd's album has not stopped playing since it's release. It's truly an album you should check out!


Live Boldly,