Fresh Start

What a couple weeks I've had. 

In the midst of life, I moved into a new home and had the hardest weeks at work.  I, however, have told myself that a new space deserves a new perspective. 

I know most of you are reading that last statement and are saying easier said than done. I ask you this-  Do you want to spend your time reliving what has happened or spend your time encountering new moments. From personal experience, I can tell you I spent YEARS of my time worried about what others thought, the trauma from past relationships and playing the comparison game.  I now tell myself that I am living a new truth and spend my time trying (I'll admit It difficult) working on new projects and slowly depicting my friendships.  Some people are not meant to be part of your next season and you wonder why it's hard to fix that friendship or relationship. 

I've come to understand that your opinion is all that matters, people will not agree with you all the time but honestly? who cares. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters.  I suffered horribly from the comparison game the last month and a half when it came to blogging. I hung out at Home Goods ( getting ideas for my new office space) with my best friend who asked me why I have stopped posting and I admitted that I was in my feelings. I love my best friend - her response: The whole point of blogging is to talk about your feelings.  So is this where I admit that I had an epiphany in the middle of Home Goods... right? I had a lightbulb moment here. 

I created The Adi Chronicles to share my testimony. I have experienced so many things in the last 31 years of life and I am hoping that someone out there benefits from me sharing what I have learned.  The Adi Chronicles is where I want to openly talk about anything. I want to chronicle my journey with Jesus, I want to chronicle my journey in finding love, I want to chronicle my journey of seeking my purpose and I want to chronicle my journey of living my dream of living as a photographer. I am claiming these things because that's what you do... you speak things into existence. I have spent enough years worrying I wasn't good enough...... This is a journey of finding myself... if you are along for the ride, great! If you are not?  you can click out of my blog and follow those that stunt for the 'gram. 

I am a real person who suffered from sexual abuse as a child ( never really spoke about this) , suffered mental, emotional and physical abuse from my last relationship that I spent 8 years in. I have stories and I have scars from the hurt that I experienced..... this does not define me and shouldn't define you!

To those that are staying, Welcome to The Adi Chronicles!