It is all in Perspective...

The last couple months have been rough for me. I tend to get a burst of creativity and then it disappears. I can't seem to grasp why this happens but I am pretty sure I drive myself crazy trying to figure it out. Yesterday, I decided to go back a walk through Pennypack Park, local park here in Philadelphia to unwind and clear my mind. I haven't really touched my camera in weeks because I didn't know what to do with it, BUT I brought it with me.  

See, I've been in my head a lot lately and have been feeling incredibly defeated and unqualified of being a blogger or photographer. I thought about everything that I wasn't instead of everything I was seeing. I walked past this one area along the path and I had to stop. To those local homeowners, this spot is just a bunch of trees but to me, this was an amazing photo opportunity. I realized that my perspective was off.  You can't necessarily control what people will say about you and you definitely can not control their opinions. You can only control your own mindset and shift your mind. 

This photo was not easy to shoot. I had to set up the tripod and take test shoots to make sure that the colors were right. I also had a hard time accepting to be in front of the camera. I was in a toxic long term relationship that left with doubting my self confidence and I only share this because several people share this feeling so often after a breakup.  I struggle with the weight I gained during that time but I realized that just like this spot along the path, I was trying to make myself just blend in the background and go unnoticed.  

As Pastor Steven Furtick said " The reason you're stuck may not be because of what you don't have but because of what you have that you're not using" 

I may feel unqualified to be a blogger or a photographer but I have a God given gift.  What gifts/talents do you have that you are not using?

You may be telling yourself you are not good enough but you need to realize that everything you are experiencing at this moment, whatever it is, is exactly what you need for your personal growth. Trust the process.