My Story:

I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1986. My parents came to Philadelphia where I have been living all my life. My parents were and continue to be the most amazing parents that I have been blessed with- However, they couldn't stop what I was meant to experience. 

I was a victim of sexual abuse in the hands of my  male cousin from 5 to 7 years of age. I can't begin to explain to you why I never said anything ... at that age, I couldn't tell you wrong from right but it happened. Eventually my cousin moved back to Puerto Rico.  I can't say that I allowed this to deter me from my goals. I channeled by focus on completing my education. I eventually told my mother about what happened when I was 15.  I gave her a brief summary of what happened but that does not begin to explain what exactly I experienced during that time. That is something that no one will forget. 

In 2010, I lost my grandfather. My EVERYTHING - I lost my passion .... I stopped creating. Losing my grandfather changed me... my anger and resentfulness took over and it took a long journey to get where I am today. 

A year later, I met my ex.  I spent the next eight years dealing with his cheating, his abuse and his drug use.  Our relationship was toxic and I began to believe that he was all I was going to know for the rest of my life.... I have spent the last four years since our break up feeling resentful and not healing the open wounds that I tried to convince myself were already healed. 

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I created The Adi Chronicles to share my testimony. I have experienced so many things in the last 31 years of life and I am hoping that someone out there benefits from me sharing what I have learned.  The Adi Chronicles is where I want to openly talk about anything. I want to chronicle my journey with Jesus, I want to chronicle my journey in finding love, I want to chronicle my journey of seeking my purpose and I want to chronicle my journey of living my dream of living as a photographer. I am claiming these things because that's what you do... you speak things into existence. I have spent enough years worrying I wasn't good enough...... This is a journey of finding myself... if you are along for the ride, great! If you are not?  you can click out of my blog and follow those that stunt for the 'gram.